Donations Wish List
  • Grass hay or alfalfa mix, preferably big bales

  • "T" Posts (7 ft)

  • Pickup truck to haul horse trailers and gooseneck flatbed. 3/4 ton or larger

  • Gooseneck stock trailer

  • Gooseneck tilt deck or beavertail flatbed to haul hay and equipment

  • Heavy-duty horse panels and gates

  • Squeeze chute

  • Hydraulic laydown table

  • Manure spreader, wheel-driven or PTO (honey wagon)

  • Pasture Bale feeders

  • Loading chute

  • Riding helmets - all sizes

  • All types of tack - saddles, bridles, pads, turnout blankets, halters


Remember, all donation are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

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